Fernando Chiaramello

He studied electrical engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of the Republic.
He graduated as electrical engineer in 2007, is currently a student of the postgraduate career: Master in Electrical Engineering.

Since March 2007 he teaches at the Institute of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering - UDELAR. He's currently integrating the courses of Electrical installations, Power Electronics Laboratory and Power Electronics. He is also a member of the UNIT's standards committee of electrical material by the Faculty of Engineering.
He has participated in several presentations and published several works.

He is currently developing the quality system of the study and leads the team that is developing the assitant calculation program Laskelmat-BT.


Designer - Asesor

José Ángel Chiaramello

Designer and adviser. General director from 1985 to 2015,

Graduated in Proficient at the Electrical Engineering at the Engeenering Faculty (Udelar) in 1978, and Electrotechnical Technology Engineer  at the UTU (Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay) in 1990.

He has done over 1000 projects, housing, Industrials y Commercy, some of his most relevant proffesional activity are:

  1. Proffesor of the Architecture Faculty (electrical and lighting conditioning area) since 1996.
  2. Chief of the departament of distribution networks installations and specialist in distribution networks standarization of UTE from 1976 to 2008.
  3. He has been providing electrical and lighting consultancy to:
  • BHU, 1985-1998 Proyects of housing complexs
  • MVOTMA, 1990-1998 Proyects of housing complexs
  • OPP-BID FAS, 1993 Buildings for development of polyclinics and social action
  • PNUD PRIS, 1993 Buildings for development of polyclinics and social action
  • UNESCO UTU-BID, 1996-1997 Buildings for UTU's educational centers (recycled and new buildings)
  • ANEP UTU-BID, 1998-2000 Buildings for UTU's educational centers (recycled and new buildings)
  • MEMFOD, 2001-2203 Buildings for ANEP's educational centers (recycled and new buildings)
  • ANEP-UNION EUROPEA PAOF, 2005-2008 Craftsmen Training Center in Artigas - Montevideo
  • IVIM ETM  Social project development, settlements regularization plan 
  • PIAI-OPP Housing Cooperatives.

Technical draftsman

Diego Salbarrey

He studies Civil Engineering at the University of Engineering of Montevideo.
He joined the team in 2009 and has since served in office tasks as well as in field work. He is currently in charge of drawing and projecting typologies and low complexity installations.
During 2010, he worked as a foreman in the earthing and changing of general outlines of more than 2000 homes in “Parque Posadas”
He has participated in numerous projects since he joined the company, the main ones being:
-Surveys in several industries such as the Johnson & Johnson Laboratory in Uruguay, and Abarly S.A.
-A significant number of apartment buildings projects of different nature, and requirements from the consignees.
-Control of work in the expanding of the ION laboratory.
-Redesign of the CAD drawing system of the company.